[[Press the button->Launch]]Strapped in, you feel the rumbling start. Pushed back into your seat, five gees pouring through you. [[Rise up]] Radio chirps to life. "Launch parameters within acceptable bounds. Good luck." Glancing at the monitor, the ground disappearing below you. Just got time to kill. [[Read book]] [[Naptime]]Your well-thumbed copy of Sins of the Keelu, you find your place. "534) The 20 lies they told about our glorious president." [[Close|Orbit]]Dreams of flames. Children dancing. [[Wake|Orbit]]The planet spreads out below you. Billowing purple clouds. Somewhere down there your mum will be gazing up, proudly. [[Set course]]As weightlessness sets in you punch in a course for the Achernar system. It's a long trip, time to get frozen. [[Unstrap]]Taking off your belt, you drift slowly off the seat. A barebones cockpit. Glowing panels before you, the door to the sleepchamber behind, set to 83 years. A framed picture of your home, swarming with relatives. A small weapons locker on the wall, pin code to open. A box of snacks, your favourite. [[Pause to consider the enormity of the task before you]] [[Sleep]]You're so proud. The chosen of your race. First to set eyes on an alien planet, first to plunge into its atmosphere. The ion drive is powering up, time to rest. [[Sleep]]Dreamless and cold. [[Arrive]]Blinking into the light of a glorious yellow star. A bluegreen planet growing as you near. Glancing at the controls, everything is fine. Hunger pangs after the long rest. [[Have a snack]] [[Check weapons locker]] [[Descend]]As you burn through the atmosphere your mandibles shape into a smile. Dodging the incoming missiles your craft plunges towards the surface. [[Arm warhead]]A satisfying click, a beautifully manufactured button, the light is on. No more aliens to (either: "pollute", "invade") your homeland, your people will be safe. [[Check radio]]And that, my dear, is how babies are made.Confused voices. Angry voices. Screaming voices. None of your concern as you greet the ground. [[Victory]]It wriggles as you crunch into it. The fuzzy body pleasantly tickles your throat as you swallow. Down to business. [[Descend]]ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR High security. Just a mirror inside. Your lovely face staring back at you. Down to business. [[Descend]]